A Reputation Nurtured since 1996

For over 20 years, Béton EP has built a reputation for excellence in the field of stamped concrete. The professionalism, skills, and expertise of its experienced team has enabled the company to stand out from its competitors. For many years, Béton EP has served satisfied customers all over Quebec!

Three Types of Concrete Finish

There are three types of concrete finishing: standard, aggregate, and stamped.


  • Standard concrete is natural grey in colour, often applied with a non-slip finish. It is also known as contemporary concrete.


  • This type of concrete has special properties in terms of distinction, design, and stability. To achieve a special surface finish, all the beauty of the aggregates contained in the concrete are visible.


  • This technique allows you to change the concrete surface by creating individual and varied patterns, which impart a great richness to your flooring. Special moulds are stamped directly on the coloured concrete to achieve the desired finish, such as fieldstone, paving stone, or hardwood floor. Béton EP offers 13 different motifs. The choice is yours!

Concrete Structures in Original Forms

For years, Béton EP has been known for the colour and original forms of its projects. Whether a children’s pool, a pond in the heart of the city, or an entranceway of superimposed levels, Béton EP is always up to the challenge.

A High Standard of Concrete and Service!

The Béton EP team first makes sure to choose high-quality concrete so that the floor covering meets your expectations. Their work is mainly based on high standards both in regards to the quality of the concrete and to customer service. High-quality concrete and an experienced team guarantee a top-notch product for many years.