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Unique and daring concrete structures

Since 1996, Béton EP has specialized in of contemporary and stamped concrete, also called decorative or textured concrete. Our dedicated and creative team will counsel you to make your wildest dreams come true! Give your home a unique look! Our experienced concrete experts and form workers will execute your project according to your vision. This is sure to add significant value to your home!

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A reputation for excellence since 1996

For over 25 years, Béton EP, specialized in stamped and contemporary concrete, has built a reputation for uncompromising excellence. Our team’s know-how and aesthetic boldness have allowed us to rise above the competition. Through the years, we have carried out numerous projects throughout Quebec, both in the residential and commercial sectors.

The Béton EP team always selects high-quality concrete, resulting in a surface that meets your expectations. We only use the highest quality concrete, and our customer service is top-notch. Our quality concrete and our experienced team guarantee a finished product that you will enjoy for years to come.

3 types of concrete finishes

Béton EP offers 3 types of concrete finishes: stamped, contemporary and aggregate.


The stamped concrete technique allows us to modify the concrete surface by printing unique and varied patterns, providing elegance and distinction to your floor covering. Printing is done on coloured concrete, over which the desired finish (such as field stone, paver stone or hardwood flooring) will be stamped using special moulds. Béton EP offers 13 different patterns to choose from, thus accommodating all tastes. Choose the one that’s right for you!


Contemporary concrete is an increasingly popular style, matching the contemporary style of newer residential areas. It is recognizable by its sleek appearance and straight lines. For several years now, contemporary concrete has been increasingly in demand by outdoor design and landscaping professionals. Here are some contemporary concrete projects by Béton EP’s experienced team. We are available to work anywhere in Quebec.


This type of concrete offers elegance, design and stability among its many advantages. Its unique surface finish highlights the beauty of the granulates contained within the concrete. Depending on your desires and needs, you can also choose different concrete or granulate colours and sizes.